It's a house out of a dream!

It's a house out of a dream!
Unknown Carpenter Gothic home

Friday, February 24, 2012

Ugliest Remodel of a Historic Commercial Building. Congrats 816-818 SE Cesar Chavez Blvd!

I certainly can't really make that claim since I haven't seen every remuddle of a historic building but since I live so close I see this design-stain many times a week. This building started out cool enough. For your enjoyment (or horror) is a photo courtesy of the City Archives taken in 1949 before 39th Ave was widened. You can only see about half of the building (Black Frost Co building) in this street scene. How wonderful is that! Adorable 2 story structure with storefronts and upstairs apartments. My how it has changed. First, the polygonal bump-outs were removed. To be fair, 2 of them were altered sometime in the 60's but 2 just needed painting. Then someone glued floor tile slate to the side of the building and finished it off with stained sheet plywood and interior sconces. The owners are trying to double their money in 5 years selling this travesty for 1.8 million! For the money I just don't think anyone can ever afford to un-remuddle it. It will probably just be torn down along with a growing number of historic structures in CCB (39th Ave).

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