It's a house out of a dream!

It's a house out of a dream!
Unknown Carpenter Gothic home

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wonderful shuttered farm house

Though this photo was purchased in Centralia, WA given the lightning rod and pine trees it's probably not from the Northwest. Given the writing on the back it appears to have been taken in 1920. The house is probably mid 19th century. Wonderful shutters and shutter dogs. I love the simplicity of this house.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Early photograph of the Kingsley house at 10th and Weidler

Wonderful early view of the Kingsley house somewhere near NE 10th and Weidler in Portland's Lloyd Neighborhood. It appears, like most of the wonderful homes in that area, to be gone. There is a strikingly similar house on NE 9th between Weidler and Broadway but there are some period differences like front door placement, side polygonal bay, and siding trim that rule this out as the Kingsley house.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

View of the Gus Solomon Courthouse - Portland, Oregon

Built in 1933, this courthouse remains pretty much exactly like this today. You can see the Ambassador Apartments in the background. Also a survivor today!

Victorian home with lots of great detail!

Unknown location but this slightly run down Victorian has a very cool corner porch, roof ornament, and sunburst details.

Early view of an office. Great reflector light fixtures!

Love these lights. Does anyone know what this office is? No typewriters.....

Early photo of the Arnold Residence on S. Front Street. Probably Portland

Very early view of the "Arnold Residence on S Front St". Unknown person or location. I hate to put up totally unknown photos but the image is so unusual and looks to be 120+ years old.

Mitchell Building ca 1920 in Portland Oregon. A great survivor!

This great period photo of the 1920 Mitchell Building was probably taken sometime around 1935 when the General Electric Supply Corporation moved in. Today this building at 224 NW Broadway is known as the Pendleton Building.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

1909 image of 16th Ave E in Seattle Washington

This row of wonderful century old homes still stands. This is the 700 block of 16th Ave East starting one house in from E Roy and heading north. These are the houses on the East side of the street. As you can see from this aeriel view the homes are almost pristine original.

Original Oregon State Capitol Building and Waller Hall at Willamette University

Though the post card states it's of the "State Capitol & Grounds Salem, Oregon" the photographer is pointing directly toward Willamette University's Waller Hall. Built in 1867, Waller hall was damaged by fire in 1891 and rebuilt with a mansard roof and tower (shown in this image). This remodel was again destroyed by fire in 1919 and a replica of the original 1860's tower was restored and can be seen there today. The capitol was destroyed by fire in the 1937 so really nothing in this image survives today.

First Swedish Methodist Church in North Portland, OR

Wonderful old church building and homes in a once thriving North Portland Swedish community. Though the building itself is rather simple check out those windows!!! Only the house at far left where you see just a portion of the middle still stands today. The church and 2 similar Victorian homes are now a community garden of some sort. These buildings appear to have been lost in the late 70's given an Oregonian article listing 3712 N Borthwick as a dangerous property.