It's a house out of a dream!

It's a house out of a dream!
Unknown Carpenter Gothic home

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Henry VonBehren Family photo

Slightly faded but a wonderful image none the less. The back of the image has written "Henry J VonBehren Family". The photo was printed by W. B. Pickett of Salem Oregon. I was not able to find anything on the family. There are other images by this photographer about on the internet.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Old photo of a great San Francisco home (2331 Lake St)

I found this photo recently. The handwriting on the back was pretty bad but thanks to google I was able to determine that the house is at 2331 Lake St in San Francisco. The house is still there today and looks exactly the same!!! Way to go SF!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bailey Reflector Company kerosene chandelier (electrified)

Ok so it's not an old photo but I'm so glad this rare chandelier has survived! This stunning example can be seen at Tolly's Restaurant in Oakland, OR. Apparently it used to be in an old carousel. This Bailey chandelier dates somewhere in the 1880-1889 range

Sunday, November 14, 2010

John Prescott Bartow residence

I don't know the location but the names of all of the people in the photo are listed. At left are Nellie and Harry Dakin. The 3 at right are John Prescott & Frances Bartow with Amy Frances Bartow. Faded and there is one spot of damage but a great image none the less. Great architectural detail!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mechanical Hall and water tower Oregon Agricultural College

Great stereoview photo of Mechanical Hall and water tower at Oregon Agricultural College in Corvallis OR.

Alpha Hall, Oregon Agriculture College

Wonderful old residence hall built by Samuel G. McFadden in 1889. Corvallis, OR

Unusual Victorian duplex for Oregon State University

This dwelling was built as an "experiment station" at Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR. Built almost like a duplex but I'm guessing it's classrooms as each side is oddly narrow. Note the side door that has no stairs.

Victorian Corvallis Public School

Typical Victorian era schoolhouse. Sadly this too is gone along with most schools of this era.

Chemawa Indian Training School

Sadly this building is no longer around but those dormers!

Oregon State Insane Asylum

Very early view of the Oregon State Insane Asylum in Salem Oregon. Parts of the original structure survive today thanks to a recent restoration.

Stereoview image of early Portland, OR

Well not much is still there today but if you look closely you will find some survivors

SW Portland in a turn of the century flood

This is not a photo I own (saved from ebay) but the image was so amazing that I had to share. This house was at 6705 SW Virginia Ave. Amazing!!!

Original Clackamas County Courthouse

Wonderful street level view of the original Clackamas Country Courthouse.

Sepia view of the Lewis & Clark Expo

Wonderful view across Guild Lake at the Lewis & Clark Centennial Exposition in 1904. I love the street lighting.

Schwalbe home in Yakima, WA

This is a photo postcard of my great great grandfathers home in Yakima WA. It is still there today and the older home show in the background is also there but it has lost it's porch (and looks rather odd without it too I might add).

Victorian home somewhere in Sellwood

This is one of the first old architecture photos I purchased. I found it in Seattle but bought it because it said it was Sellwood in Portland. It's a large neighborhood so I suppose it could still be there. Anyone recognize it?

Newly built home in Seattle

I really love images of houses that are new and fresh with all the correct trim, windows, and siding. This home is/was somewhere in Seattle.

2 views of the original Seaside Hotel, Seaside, OR

2 views of the old Seaside Hotel. I'm guessing one with bare shingles and another after it was painted?

Small snapshot of the original Salem OR capitol building

One of my favorite random small snapshots. Dome in the background. Burned 1935.

Lost Neighborhood

Children at the corner of Wheeler and McMillan Streets in Portland OR. The homes and even the streets themselves were wiped out to build the Memorial Coliseum in the early 1960's.

Early view of the Forestry Center

Built for the Lewis & Clark Expo. Delighted Portlanders and the world until it burned in 1964. Original Kiser photograph.

Hardware store owner J. J. Kadderly's SE home

J. J. Kadderly Home formerly at SE 7th and SE Pine, Portland OR

Buckman House in NE Portland

Amazing Cyrus and Jane Buckman House. Formerly 108 SE 18th. Replaced by a rather interesting 1961 structure that today houses Amalgamated Transit Union.

Albert Rhodes House, Seattle WA

A rather interesting double exposed photograph of the Albert Rhodes house in Seattle, WA (10th Ave and E Howe). The home was designed by A. W. Gould in 1914-15. Albert Rhodes started the Rhodes Department Store in downtown Seattle which later became Lamonts. The home is rather striking and austere and looks much like other commercial structures designed by Gould including the Artic Building and King County Courthouse (before addition). Though black and white try and picture the green glazed roof tiles!

Unknown Colonial Revival Home

I'm not sure where this house is/was but it is truely AMAZING. Look at all those details! I'm guessing it's either Western Oregon or Western Washington given the Douglas Fir trees and that it was purchased in Portland.