It's a house out of a dream!

It's a house out of a dream!
Unknown Carpenter Gothic home

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Two postcard views of King's Hill mansions - Homes identified!

The first postcard at left shows The still extant Theodore B Wilcox residence. In the distance you can see the turret on the William Honeyman Residence and a pair of Tudor dormers on the Adolfe Wolfe REsidence. Both the Wilcox and Wolfe residences were replaced by the King Tower. The second postcard shows another view of those houses. All three of these houses were designed by Whidden & Lewis. Both postcards are taken on King Avenue in Portland, OR.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Portland Sub-Jail ?

The Fir trees suggest this is indeed Portland Oregon but what is it???

Clinton Kelly home in the early stages of demolition - Portland, Oregon

Located close to Powell Blvd, this stunner of a house was demolished sometime in the late 1940's

Ladder Truck #4 - Portland, Oregon

I found this photo on ebay. The seller said he was told by a historian that this photo was taken in front of 302 SE 3rd Ave. That would put this at the intersection of SE 3rd and Pine. The building in the background at right looks like it might have cast iron elements but it does have wood clapboard siding on the side so I'm not really sure that that was done. My book about cast iron architecture in Portland does not have any examples of East Portland cast iron which is unfortunate as there are some stunning examples in existence today which of course leads me to believe there were lots more in the past. Suggestions welcome.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

3 surviving buildings from the Catholic Paulist Fathers - Portland, OR

Before the first St. Philip Neri Church was completed the Paulist Fathers were housed in the Graziano home on Division Street. It was moved to near the corner of SE 21st and Clinton to make way for a New Seasons grocery store. Today it is a restaurant and apartments and has an added 3rd story. The second photo shows the original St. Philip Neri Church built between 1913-14. Today it appears much the same and can be seen in it's original location at the corner of SE 16th Ave and Hickory Street in Ladd's Addition. The last surviving structure is The Rectory which is also at it's original location on Tamarack Street between Hickory St and Division St. All of these images were taken from a 1938 Paulist Julilee publication in my personal collection.

Simple house with massive and tall double hung windows + shutters

Aside from those awesome sleeves, this photo captures a pretty wonderful old house. Simple but very pretty. Amazing tall windows with shutters. Small stoop cover. I wish I had a photo of the back. Looks like some interesting windows back there.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Amazing cast concrete block duplex in Portland OR

This amazing photo of a not quite complete cast concrete block duplex was located at 407 Benton St. It was near the corner of Benton and Dixon. That entire street (just 8 blocks long) along with Dixon and others was ripped out to build the Colosseum along with other industrial "improvements".

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Advance School in 1911 with creepy double image.

Unsure of the location of this school building but check out that double negative of a man's face!!! Very creepy!

Progression of a wonderful craftsman home in it's first few years

The following images are of a home built by the Hillis family. Possibly Van Nuys, California. These photos detail construction in the middle of nowhere to a leafy paradise from 1916 to 1922. Nice hand tinted images.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hotel Moore in Seaside Oregon

Built in 1904 and demolished in 1919 to make way for the Hotel Seaside which was then demolished (along with most of Seaside).

Sellwood Hospital

Unknown location.

Sellwood Y. M. C. A ca. 1910

Still standing today. Now known as the Sellwood Community Center. Corner of SE 15th and SE Spokane.

Sellwood Public Library

The library was sold in 1964 and converted into a private residence. Looks exactly the same today!!!! 1406 SE Nehalem.

Home of Dr. J. G. Grim at SE Nehalem and SE 13th in Sellwood

Sadly this home is gone but what a wonderful home it was!!!! Probably replaced by an apartment building as that's the only structure on any corner of that intersection that is not old.

Rose Parade Float of the car from Pasadena on SW Alder St Portland, OR

Circa 1912 view of a decorated car from Pasadena that won the Grand Prize in the Automobile Parade during the Rose Parade. It is photographed in from of R. E. Blodgett which was a Firestone Tire distributor. 510 SW Alder (old address) in downtown Portland.

Friday, October 21, 2011

All chef dinner party with unusual gas light fixture

Initially what drew me to this image was the unusual gas (I think) fixture in the center. Also an unusual pairing of double bare bulb sockets..... But what really sealed the deal was the Ricki Lake looking chef standing on the table. The image has numbered people but unfortunately they don't have first names. They are as follows should you know these people: #1 Mr. Lowe, #2 Mr Dunning, #3 Mayor Leonard, #4 Judge Holland, #5 Mr. G. Krause, #6 Mayor Hungerford, #7 Mr. N. Giddings, #8 Judge Harris, #9 Mr. Cully, and #10 Mr. Brinke.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Original photo of the Griessen Building, Portland OR

The corner of SE 13th and Spokane is visited today more for Italian food than theater. Fortunately it looks pretty much the same as it did over a hundred years ago. See also the January 23rd 1910 Oregonian article about it's planned construction.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Early view of a Victorian home

Wonderful details such as the wooden plank sidewalk and the unusual wood and wrought iron garden gate. Unknown location.

Old home with a cool sun porch / sleeping porch.

That's a LOT of vines to take care of!!! Unknown location.

Early view of a cottage style home

Unknown location. The back looks like it says "Q. R. Soden". Could be Sodin.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Interior View of a General Store / Grocery

Unknown location but possibly Yakima, WA.

Cliff House San Fransisco bus service

OK so technically this is not really architecture (less the arbor-like structure in the background) but it was just such a surprise in a new batch of family photo albums I recently acquired after the death of my great uncle. I don't think anyone in this image is a relative however. I assume this is the service to the Cliff House built in 1909 and not the earlier more famous structure that burned down in 1907.

Sea View Inn restaurant - Waikiki Beach Hawaii

Great view taken in November of 1944.

Waikiki drive in 1944

Anyone know more about this place?

Hospital in Honolulu 1944

Not sure which hospital but this photo was taken on November 26th 1944

Honolulu HI 1944

General view of somewhere in Honolulu. The back of the photo reads: "Edge of town. Honolulu 11/27/44"

Recreation Center & Post Theater 1944

General view of both the Recreation Center and the Post Theater. Taken November 26th 1944

Downtown Honolulu November 27th 1944

Wonderful intact view of the old downtown. Taken by my great uncle Robert E. Schwalbe who served in WWII.

Post Theater - Honolulu, HI - November 26th 1944

Built in 1933 Post Theater still stands today. Now called the Sgt. Smith Theater. Closing for renovations in 2012.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Buchtel & Stolte photo of the 1876 flood in Portland Oregon

Wonderful though slightly damaged stereoview of the June of 1876 flood in Portland. This image was taken by Buchtel & Stolte. This image is First Street and the photographer is standing at First and Pine facing NE. There are 2 structures in the image that survive today and those are the New Market Theater built in 1872 and the New Market Block built in 1871. Both wonderful original cast iron buildings. Some other cast iron beauties in this photo that are gone today are Glisan's Block of 1869 and the 1883 Reid's Block. There are 2 older wooden structures including the Steilacoom Lager Beer Depot (also called the Gambrinus) and Oregon Bakery that are too long gone. Note also the wonderful early street light.

Possible view of Sandy Blvd at Broadway, Portland OR

Well it's what the photo says but I'm not sold. Any ideas?

Lewis & Clark Expo with the Robert Burns Cottage

Homemade stereoview of the L&C Expo.