It's a house out of a dream!

It's a house out of a dream!
Unknown Carpenter Gothic home

Saturday, May 26, 2012

East slope of Mt Tabor, Portland OR

Wonderful panoramic view of the East slope of Mt Tabor. Thought it's early, 82nd Ave is somewhere in there though of course nothing like it is today.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ione School House

The cursive looks more like FONO, Wash but the closest I could find that's actually a town in Washington is Ione.

House with some impressive climbing roses!

That's not going to be hard to manage at all...... Love the mailbox on the porch column. Unknown location.

Craftsman Neighborhood

Wonderful Crasftsman neighborhood. Seems oddly treeless. Possibly coastal. but the location is unknown.

Simple home with crisp wood details

Unknown location but I love the quality of the photo. Even the waviness of the glass in the front window can be seen!

Unidentified California Victorian

I found this photo like I find most of these - in a pile and unmarked! Probably somewhere in California. The house is probably 1895-1900 and the photo is probably from the 1920's.

Incredible shingled home

There are a lot of unusual details on this large home. Unknown location though it came with 2 photos of Old Fellows buildings including a large brick and column building that says both "IOOF HOME" and "ADMINISTRATION BLDG"

C.J. cigar bar Sacramento California

Though I was unable to find anything out about this building, the details of the corner entrance are worth a minute or 2 of your time. Possibly Sacramento, CA.

Unusual house details

Though this house is small, check out the unusual details. It's too bad that branch obscures the second floor. You can barely make out unusual curved barge boards. Unknown location.

Sanitarium in Chamberlain South Dakota

RPPC of a fairly newly completed (and cheaply built) sanitarium. Mailed in 1907 to Mr Harley Glaus (1884-1957). No message.

1908 Radford Architectural Company House Plans

A recent purchase of "Modern Carpentry" by Fred T. Hodgson came with a nice surprise at the end. A small collection of 25 Radford Architectural Company House Plans from 1908. Included is a perspective drawing of each house (most done by William H Schroeder Architect) as well as the floor plans with dimensions.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Turn of the century image of Piggot's Folly in Portland OR

I ran across this great image of Gleall Castle (Piggot's Folly) on ebay. Probably taken sometime around the turn of the century. This wonderful 1892 Romanesque Revival home still stands at 2591 SW Buckingham Terrace. Today it is painted beige but can be seen from downtown.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rare interior view of an 1880's Portland Oregon home

  I bought this cabinet card first because I love period interior views and second because it said it was in Portland. I did a little digging and discovered that the house still exists! It's been converted into 4 apartments but it still stands, and less some vinyl windows, looks pretty original.
  I started with the information on the back First: "A little corner of home" and then "Aunt Ellen Wait's living room at 555 E Oak". I was able to to a little digging using the Historical Oregonian archive and the Sanborn maps to determine that the house is 1235 SE Oak St (ca. 1885). Images of my Oregonian research indicating how I found the cross street and the Sanborn map page showing the original address included below as well as a aerial view of the home today.