It's a house out of a dream!

It's a house out of a dream!
Unknown Carpenter Gothic home

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Buchtel & Stolte photo of the 1876 flood in Portland Oregon

Wonderful though slightly damaged stereoview of the June of 1876 flood in Portland. This image was taken by Buchtel & Stolte. This image is First Street and the photographer is standing at First and Pine facing NE. There are 2 structures in the image that survive today and those are the New Market Theater built in 1872 and the New Market Block built in 1871. Both wonderful original cast iron buildings. Some other cast iron beauties in this photo that are gone today are Glisan's Block of 1869 and the 1883 Reid's Block. There are 2 older wooden structures including the Steilacoom Lager Beer Depot (also called the Gambrinus) and Oregon Bakery that are too long gone. Note also the wonderful early street light.

Possible view of Sandy Blvd at Broadway, Portland OR

Well it's what the photo says but I'm not sold. Any ideas?

Lewis & Clark Expo with the Robert Burns Cottage

Homemade stereoview of the L&C Expo.

Crawford & Paxton stereoview of a suspension bridge in Oregon City


Summit Variety Store

Possibly Summit, Oregon. Unknown date and location.

Early theater group view by Eaton Photographers Portland Oregon

Unknown theater or group of people. Cabinet card taken by Eaton at 285 1/2 Front St Portland OR.

Chinese New Year Parade Feb 5th 1909 on Idaho Street in Boise

Old postcard of Boise parade.

Thomas Houseworth & Co stereoview of Vallejo St. in San Francisco

Wonderful pre-fire view of Vallejo Street from Russian Hill.

Massive brick home with roof metalwork.

Spectacular street view. Unknown location. Any ideas?

Wonderful early photo of a bungalow

Perhaps the grandchild came over on his bike (lower left corner) to snap a photo of his grandparents in the yard. Great early view with a silvery sheen.

Old Schoolhouse in Woodland Washington

Old Schoolhouse at Davidson & 5th in Woodland. The card says this images was taken about 1896. Also that the man on the horse is A. W. Scott.

Elks parade 1912 with Phoenix Iron Works in the background

I am unsure of the location but it could be Oakland California.

Oakland Pontiac building and Micky Mouse Club parade

Not really sure of the exact location..... Any ideas?

Shack with girl and dog

Very sweet early image. Unknown location.

Small Victorian farm house with family

Not too much information to go on with this photos but there is a label on the back for ordering more prints that is from Taprell, Loomis & Co Chicago.

Most unusual image of a brick townhouse in the middle of a park

The photographer must have had a sense of humor. Lone child, off-center home with trees. Very cool early cabinet card image.

House and barn of Laura Ashcroft

Unknown location. The back of the cabinet photo is simply labeled: "Aunt Laura Ashcroft". Wonderful barn door transom.

Assortment of unknown images of wonderful VIctorian homes

All a tad faded but none the less worthy of publication. None of these have any information about their owners or locations.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

3917 NE 8th Ave Portland Oregon

Wonderful original photo of 3917 NE 8th Ave. Both homes in the photo survive with only slight modifications.

Masonic Hall (1871) Portland

Wonderful image of the Masonic Hall built in 1871. This photo was taken at it's dedication on June 28th 1872. Formerly on the corner of SW 3rd and Alder. Torn down in 1928 and replaced by the Loyalty Building.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Buildings lost to build Pioneer Place - Portland Oregon

Too bad we had to loose these structures to build a marginal at best downtown mall.....

Wonderful view of Portland Heights

A bit more trees these days but pretty much all of these houses remain.

Light House at the Junction of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers

Rare view of a structure that no doubt wasn't there for very long.

Postcard view of Seattle's Laurelhurst neighborhood + Volunteer Park

I don't generally post postcards but this was such a cool view. Without all the trees you can see these brand new homes! This postcard was mailed to a Mrs Della Holcomb at 536 Miller Ave Sellwood Ore..

Simple Victorian home with ladder to the roof

Quite a simple house but I am taken by the rather elaborate bracket/roof structure over the transom window. A really unusual and easy to duplicate design.

2 early views of West Linn Oregon

2 views of West Linn. Anyone know these structures?