It's a house out of a dream!

It's a house out of a dream!
Unknown Carpenter Gothic home

Monday, April 30, 2012

Octagonal log tower

I'm guessing this is a 1930's reproduction of an original log structure somewhere in Oregon. Ideas?

4 views of Portland, OR in the flood of 1948

I found 4 views taken by the same photographer of what I assume is the 1948 flood. A great shot taken probably near the Hawthorne Bridge on the West side toward the Burnside Bridge and East side industrial area. You can see Harbor Drive (replaced by Waterfront Park) and the original warehouse buildings razed to build I-5 on the East side. Then 3 shots of unidentified industrial structured submerged in flood waters probably in inner NW Portland.
Wonderful view of the original Marion County Courthouse (1885) sometime before is was razed in 1952. Judging by the cars this was taken not long before it was lost. This photo shows some great window and roofing details of the building. In the background you can see the Methodist church (1871-78) in the background. That church is a survivor and the tower can be see for many miles.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bird's eye view of SW Portland with some survivors

A great shot starting with Jefferson, Columbia, and Clay from about SW 17th Ave. As you can see in the second photo there are some survivors to this day. That said the roof of the Grandview Apartments at 1329 SW 14th is an unfortunate remodel as you can see in photo 3. Just in front of the Grandview you can make out the turret of the 1884 John B. Bridges house which is a rather well preserved downtown home with mention in Classic Houses of Portland.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Old brick church and cool old street lighting

This structure was was the corner of Main St W & Washington Ave N and the only intersection goodgle finds that's pretty close is in Durant, OK. The street names have probably changed in the past 100 years so I'll probably never know where this is.

Men's Bible Class & Friends Second Presbyterian Church Christmas 1909 Bloomington Ill

Wonderful image of Men's Bible Class & Friends Second Presbyterian Church. Taken at Christmas in 1909 in Bloomington Ill. The building appears to have been replaced by a more modern structure.

Interior view of a kitchen from the turn of the century

Interior views are pretty hard to find especially work spaces like kitchens. Probably over a century old. Some much fun detail!

Family portrait in front of a very nice home

There is so much to like about this photo and the house. First, I love when the family gathers for a photo with the house. Not only does it add some personality and place but it also gives the house some scale. For example in this case, just how cute this house is! Quite the daylight basement and I love the bump-in porch which is a pretty common vernacular architecture in the Pacific Northwest. Still unknown location.