It's a house out of a dream!

It's a house out of a dream!
Unknown Carpenter Gothic home

Friday, October 21, 2011

All chef dinner party with unusual gas light fixture

Initially what drew me to this image was the unusual gas (I think) fixture in the center. Also an unusual pairing of double bare bulb sockets..... But what really sealed the deal was the Ricki Lake looking chef standing on the table. The image has numbered people but unfortunately they don't have first names. They are as follows should you know these people: #1 Mr. Lowe, #2 Mr Dunning, #3 Mayor Leonard, #4 Judge Holland, #5 Mr. G. Krause, #6 Mayor Hungerford, #7 Mr. N. Giddings, #8 Judge Harris, #9 Mr. Cully, and #10 Mr. Brinke.

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