It's a house out of a dream!

It's a house out of a dream!
Unknown Carpenter Gothic home

Friday, June 17, 2011

"Fernhaven Court" - Laurelhurst's bungalow fairyland

I drive by this block almost every day given how close I live to it and I always wondered how it was possible that every house seemed rather over the top bungalow. As if someone googled "kick-ass bungalow" and chose those houses to place there. Well I was kind of right - just about a century before google. The block bordered by SE Ash, SE 41st, E Burnside, and SE 42nd was planned that way. The developers of Laurelhurst gave away plans of well known California bungalow's for free to builders willing to build them in that location. Mystery solved. All of the homes remain although one of the most spectacular (the Charles Gramm house) is in need of some help. Don't miss the W. C. Garbe house with it's smiley face chimney. It's right on Burnside. Can't miss it!!!

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